I managed to stay a whopping 10 days at Glastonbury helping a friend set up a backstage VIP restaurant called the Muddy Duck! I put my hand to a jigsaw and cut a pleatherer of Ducks out of wood amongst hanging a vast amount of drapery. The restaurant looked great and the food was divine...

One major highlight of my time there was definitely into a private gig of this genius "King Charles" In hospitality



I was asked by design studio 'Studio Fury' to come up with an image to illustrate the word CORE for their monthly calender, which they send out to clients.
I was pleasantly surprised they were not frightened by my idea of using a Pigeon skeleton with a light bulb inside its chest representing the heart. The Heart along with the word "Light", I feel are both symbolic of the word CORE. The lampshade is a nod to the old saying, "The Home is Where the Heart Is".

Shot last week and received in the post this morning!