Batman Boxing Day with the Butlers

With 2 hours, some card...an old pair of tights and a hairdressers cape i managed to dress my family for fancy dress on boxing day as some of the cast members of Batman


On the 4th day of christmas....

I created and shot this for magnify followers as part of their 12 days of christmas promotion..

Representing 4 calling birds tweeting the 4 gospels "the good news" to all whom will listen


a corner shop in Dalston...

A few months ago I did a spot of dressing (hiding all the intricate devices) for a red stripe promo..
This is the making of....

It was very different to what i normally work on, but saying that every job is SO unique!. i felt like a mad inventors apprentice or suchlike! Very fun indeed.. especially to see how technical creative Daniel Hirschmann created such musical wonders!


River Island Christmas Magazine

Sourced and set styled the space for River Islands Magazine. Shot By photographer Mark Shearwood