Flowers for F&F

I've been working with F&F since last summer and recently we have created some beautiful location shots in a wonderful location house near to Reading. Here are some behind the scenes of some of those shots. Can you spot the fakes?


Clarkes ss16 Global Advertising Campaign

Some really special exterior shots taken from our location shoot in Whitstable back in September 2015. Such a stunning house! Will upload some behind the scene shots... This shoot again was art directed by Mark thompson (Hilt Agency), Shot by Tim Marsella, Produced by Shoot Europe.

Clarkes ss16 Global Advertising Campaign

Some beautiful "back to school" shots made with the help of the very talented up and coming set designer Miguel Bento. Shot by Tim Marsella, Produced by Shoot Europe and Art Directed by Mark Thompson, Hilt Agency. Really enjoyed working with this soft muted palette and playing with various shape mobiles and flats. We shot this back in September 2015


Fresh Every Day for Bicester Village

Working with Art Director Linda Elander to create the "Fresh Every Day" campaign for Bicester Village. Here are some still shots from both the photographer's studio and the "moving image" studio where the animation was created!

I worked with this incredible Propmaker from the company "Juicy Fruits". He created apple tree leaves from resin which we could heat up and manipulate to move into different positions. 

Here are the final shots in situ!..


Vanity Fair Still Life

Sweet little still life shoot telling the story between a son and his parents regarding a new girlfriend and her trip to visit them. Stationary is one of my favourite things to work with, so very excited I got to call in some really gorgeous pieces! The above are from William & Son, Linley, Smythson, Hay,  Haus, Present and Correct, Quill London and John Lewis.


Molton Brown; Tobacco Absolute

It has finally launched! The scent is divine! 

I loooove working with plants and interiors so this was a very special treat for me!. Our location was part of the library at Dulwich College. Using lots of plants, scientific apparatus (both modern and vintage) and some REAL tobacco leaves (must be used with gloves or nicotine can enter your blood stream!) We created a "Botanists" Study/laboratory. The lovely and talented Mark Sanders photographed the Set and David Nolan was the stylist.


Behind The Scenes of Clarks "Back to School"

Not sure if these shapes made the edit but we enjoyed them <3 font="">


Behind the Scenes at Wonderful Whitstable

Some lovely little moments before the models came to set...


"Its a small world out there" for The Sunday Telegraph

I love working with photographer Joanna Paterson, shes a real artist! plus I had the great pleasure of working with the joy that is groomer extraordinaire, Ina for the second time in one week!
It actually took me back to when I did a test shoot at Bekonscot Model village (www.bekonscot.co.uk) 8 years ago; when I first graduated!. Great fun playing around in the beautifully crafted set with the addition of sourced and handmade props (Hamleys, John Lewis, Gaugemaster and rapidonline) Oh and last but not least the graphics master Michael Cannone whom created the graphics for the miniature street signs!


Clarkes SS16 Behind the Scenes on Active Shoes

We shot in the most incredible location today! Shoot Europe were as fantastic as always (the pool was still open to the public!!)


Xmas In Summer for Heatons

A lovely bit of snow business and wrapping paper! Who doesn't like a bit of christmas in summer!


Papier Mâché

One of my favourite shoots this year. Shot by Piotr Motyka, Styled by Emma Macfarlane and beautified by Ina...

Combining two of my loves; flowers and dance


The Little White Company

I got to work with the incredible Art Director Tracey Jacobs for "the Little White Company" back in March 2014. Here are some of the favourites from the many scenes we set up for the lookbook. An 'art Gallery Scene" Circus for girls and kings in castles for boys and finally a scene for New Borns! Shot by the very talented Ulla Nyeman.

Lots of paper prop making and creating artworks! So fun to be hands on and producing "on-the-go" on set. Couldn't of done it without my wonderful assistant Helen Gibbons.


Vogue Bambini

The final images from our lovely shoot! Photographer Ulla Nyeman and Stylist Ellie Lines, Hair and Make up Jo Gillingwater