A little halloween special for Milk Magazine alongside photographer Sandra Freij and stylist Emma Macfarlane. I styled props and created body/head pieces for this shoot


Company with Brendan and Brendan

Shoot for Octobers Issue creating dens in the picturesque Walthamstow Forests. I worked alongside fellow set designer Hela Dondertman, Photographers Brendan and Brendan, and stylist Kirsty Hathaway


The Twilight Hours

I was the creative director for this event held by "The Tasting Sessions" in The Brunswick Gallery, Russell Square. Champagne was served and tasted at event so was therefor the basis of the concept for the evening. Starting in a restrained manner (akin to a cork in a champagne cage) a performance piece curated by Artist Marnie Hollande "En Pointe" took place, latex wear was adorned by the all performers by William Garner. The theme of restraint continued in the cryptic world of masonic symbolism.. Cloaks were adorned..the crowd wore masks.. the lighting was dark...a crow wandered. The night was hosted my Marcella Puppini..she evoked the reveal with doves and introduced the beautiful Beaux Belles dancing seductively to "Bathing Blossom" from the soundtrack to film "The Secretary". The evening ended in neon bubbles and tipsiness.
I curated sets/costumes and casting. Sound curation and artist liaison by Leslie Deere.