Back in the warmer months I created some contraptions for the guys at Fallon for a Peta commercial. The wonderful Sam Peacocke was directing, produced by Fran Thompson at Stink productions.

My dad was a green grocer whilst i was growing up so I am used to being around lots of fruit and veg but this was something else!
I may of been put off of "Curly kale" for a while..
Was a fun day with a great team!


A day on the tracks..

Their Album "Chapman Square has finally been released of which i created the sets for at sunrise back in early september....


Looks like it could be shot anywhere but it was actually shot in Northampton! (on a racetrack)
*With huge thanks to Papa Butler for his great carpentry skills and my sisters masterful dressing! Go Team Butler!

Photographer by Pip (www.bypip.co.uk)
Art directed by Studio Fury


PLANES, trains and automobiles

When your flying in a private jet you can change your clothes as many times as you like..!
I built this interior for Centurion Magazine, Shot by Matthew Shave and Art Directed by Elisa Vallata

(Here is a sneaky behind the scenes..)