In association with GQ mens magazine i worked with photographer Ted Humble Smith on some small still life sets...using beetles and spiders we created these beauties..


Back at the end of January this year I went to Morocco to shoot a short film called "Zadig". It was set in the deserts of Morocco. We had an incredible time, the team was fantastic. I worked on make up and assisted Hannah Perkins on Costume/wardrobe..unfortunately the reels of film were stolen on the journey home..

Let them eat cake

Around this time last year i worked with an amazing photographer called Babette and stylist Cheryl from Let them eat cake magazine. We created a lovely story based on the concept of getting creative through the recession!...(hence using reused materials and plastics etc...) I managed to pull together some sweet accessories from this nice bit of plastic i found at the allotments at the top of my parents road...take a gander at these..

Perfume and diamonds for Chinas eyes only

This story was never published in the uk but a chinese newspaper suppliment..it was a perfume story using famous designers whom had created perfume and jewellery collections such as Yves Saint Laurent, Cartier etc..etc.i made paper jewellery out of repeated images of the brands label.. (we also had a touch of the real thing in for good measure). It is actually the one and only story i have worked on with both Camilla Pole and Yuval Hen all together!


Last year i did a spot of americana light sourcing and set dressing for photographer Yuval Hen for Stella magazine..working also alongside Stylist Charlie Harrington...For future reference neon lighting is VERY delicate...


Earlier this year i created some head and body pieces for photographer Daniela Mueller-Brunke and stylist Camilla Pole for Oyster magazine. I sourced some baby crocodile heads (from Maxine Groucutt @ Libertys..thank you) and lots of rope..as well as a few plastic flowers (they always seem to come in handy)

Cooler with rats..

Towards the end of last year I worked with photographer Gemma Booth on a story for Cooler magazine. We shoot at my house (thanks to my forever understanding housemates) with Camilla Pole Styling, Kiroki doing hair and Anita for make up. We worked with white rats (who are surprisingly adorable) within sets i dressed around my home. There was also a bit of illustration on clothing..see if you can spot it...


Since I met Stylist Camilla Pole around a year ago (happy anniversary milly) I have been working on a spot of stylist requistery (styling fashion items as props).. We worked with photographer Adrian Wilson for Tush Magazine creating head pieces out of high end designer sunglasses. Working through from the age of Jazz to futuristic new rave here is what we came up with..

Hair was by Keiichiro Hirano the fantastic Make up by Terry Barber and the model was Melissa from Select.

Paper creating with Miss Macdonald

Throughout last year i was working with Chrissie Macdonald, from The Peepshow Collective (alongside Bryony Birkbeck, jessica Bonham, Jiggery pokery, Kristina Grundenburg and lightning and kingle face..to name a few talented young ladies..)..It was such a giggle working with such a great team and amazing what i learnt to do with paper in such a short time..

Fine Times Suppliment Knight shoot

Working with Yuval Hen again on some creations for the financial times suppliment on a knight inspired shoot in a beautiful country house/castle...Apparently they got to work with live Birds of Prey (which unfortunately i couldnt attend as i was working for Chrissie Macdonald on the orange campaign)

Fine TImes Suppliment

I worked with Photographer Yuval Hen and Stylist Damien Fox on creating these magical forest settings for the lovely Liberty Ross. It took 2 days of cutting (thank you Vija) and a fair bit of white paper...but i think you'll agree it was worth it...oh yeah and there was a spot of mirror card flowers which i am sure will reappear in some body adornment very soon..

Mac "Cult of Cherry"

Early last year i was asked by Charlotte Stockdale to produce some illustrations of cherries that would later be printed on to fabric and then mastered into clothing for Mac (make-up) Fall 2008 campaign. It was very satisfying seeing hand drawn llustration transformed onto fabric. Definately something i would like to work with again in the future...

Matches go tribal

Back in February 2008 I created London fashion Week Windows for Matches...These incorporated crazy head pieces made from gold horns for the gent mannequins and pletheras of feathers for the females.. Danny Sangra and I also painted a mix of animal print and a spot of free hand painstrokes on the lass itself..

Matches..Attack of the giantess

For London Fashion Week, September 2008 I also created installations for Matches boutiques in Ledbury rd, and Marylebone High St, London. There were a total of 5 window installations. Each containing miniature replicas of London monumental sights made from cardboard and coated in GOLD...hmmm very pleasing experience coating a whole world in gold spray paint in a marquee at the back of my garden!

Womanimal Poem

"Behind the eyes of the keepers, the sleepers and sweepers you can hear
her dew-filled dreams.

Of flight and ball and fancy and fall,

Silence creeps twinkling in the still, bathed dark and dust felled cage.

Wake not the woods it is midnight. And winged in the windows she beguiles.

Of flirt and foal and foot and flutter,

Dressed Panther black and sloe as a domino, Rabbit lapel, bonnet and
brooch feathered Bird.

Cobbled Horse-shoe and gilded glowing Goat tails with whispering
watches of Wolves.

These melancholy clothed creatures lull their pray resignedly beneath
sky and day.

Under starlight black, bedded soft and shelled by the tugging tussling
streaking trees,

She twitches mysteriously and uneasily leaves young and heroic
circling against the winds.

Flung and forever in her heart fallen shutters, this spectacle
wilderness of glass"

Written By Hannah Perkins


I designed and created London Fashion Week september 2008 windows for Libertys Store, London. Working with the company Bodyline, I designed the transformation of female mannequins into animals such as the Goat, Horse, Panther, Rabbit, Wolf and Bird through hair and make up. These womanimals were placed within their landscapes which then became the glass fronted boxes of Libertys' department store windows. Hannah Perkins wrote a beautiful poem to coincide with the window which Danny Sangra beautifully hand wrote across each window.